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Título: Violação dos direitos da criança: um olhar bioecológico sobre a escola e família
Autor(es): Rabinovich, Elaine Pedreira
Moreira, Lúcia Vaz de Campos
Santos, Stella Rodrigues dos
Andrade, Celeste Maria Pacheco de
Cruz, Antonio Roberto Seixas da
Palavras-chave: Escola
Direitos Violados
Violated Rights
Data do documento: 27-Fev-2013
Editor: Universidade Catolica de Salvador
Resumo: From an interdisciplinary approach between the knowledge of Pedagogy, Psychology and Law, and from a theoretical-methodological approach, based on Bioecological Theory of Urie Bronfenbrenner, this thesis, a case study of multiple levels and contexts, designs four articles produced from the insertion into the search field - the South Reconcavo of Bahia - an introduction, describing the objectives of the study and the problem that it is involved, by indicating the theoretical constructs that found it, and also a final reflection on the effectiveness of protective actions for children.It discusses, gradually, how the reciprocal of the interactive processes between the social microsystems, school and family, and exchanged influences with broader social contexts, such as communities, public authorities and institutions, imply the effectiveness of fundamental rights of the child, the age group of Early Childhood Education of the region in which the study took place. The first article, "The effectiveness of the child rights in the South Reconcavo of Bahia: a reading of the social context" features the South Reconcavo from geophysical and socioeconomic views, maps and discusses the protective conditions for facing the violation of child rights. The second article, "Fundamental rights of the child warned by agents of the school and the family," presents a brief history about children rights on the world scenario and, simultaneously, the actions towards its recognition, by emphasizing the principles of the Child and Adolescents Statute (ECA) and the fundamental rights it prescribes. It analyzes in the light of that Statute, the indicators of violation obtained from teachers and family views. The following article, "School as ecological system", discusses the school context from the perspective of Bioecological theory, analyzing the counterpoints of physical, functional and relational aspects that contribute to the existence of episodes, such as those presented, relating to fundamental violated rights. "Family as ecological system" is the study conducted with teachers, children and their families, and also community members, which originated five episodes of violation of child rights, analyzed from the Bioecological approaches and the ECA. It presents a contextual framework of violated rights as the result, due to: the fragility of public policies for the social welfare, the ineffectiveness of the child protection network in the region, and the dislocation between the social systems, including the society, school and family.
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