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Título: Efeitos do Programa Bolsa Família sobre os seus beneficiários: estudo de caso em Salinas da Margarida/Ba
Autor(es): Flexor, Maria Helena Matue Ochi
Alencar, Cristina Maria Macêdo de
Garcia, Cláudio Osnei
Palavras-chave: Programa bolsa família
Salinas da Margarida - Bahia
Data do documento: 15-Fev-2013
Editor: Universidade Católica do Salvador
Resumo: Addresses the trajectory of the Bolsa Família Program (BFP) in the municipality of Salinas da Margarida / BA, program legislation addition to historically contextualize its issuance, administration and usufruct beneficiaries. They point up the main features of the program and how it handles the general analysis of their goals and their effect on families who take advantage of this benefit and Bahia in Brazil. Are also carried out on public policy considerations and social and historical trajectory of income transfer programs in Brazil are analyzed the concepts of poverty and its characteristics, according to economic and social parameters, being chosen for the analysis approach multidimensional poverty. The aim of the dissertation is to describe the influence of PBF beneficiaries in the municipality focused. We conclude that the PBF has impacts in terms of reducing hunger, improving nutrition, but some problems must be overcome as the difficulty of generating employment and income to avoid prolonged dependence of households on the advantage . It is also observed that the increase in income, with the benefit, makes a number of families to overcome poverty line or extreme poverty, overcome numerical questions but not enough so that poverty is eradicated effectively. Therefore, actions directed to education, the labor market insertion and productive inclusion are more effective. Regarding the methodology we adopted the method of approach to analysis and synthesis case study, aided by the comparative and historical.
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