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Título: Direito à saúde mental em ambientes de trabalho: um estudo sobre a proteção jurídica do trabalhador
Autor(es): Pitta, Ana Maria Fernandes
Portella, André Alves
Coelho, Thereza Christina Bahia
Palavras-chave: Saúde mental
Mental health
Data do documento: 19-Fev-2015
Editor: Universidade Catolica de Salvador
Resumo: The work has the right to its theme the mental health in the workplace, Which Will Occur debate Especially on the statutory protection afforded to workers Estes. The central issue we ask the the law has safeguarded the rights of workers using the justice claim of mental disorders Arising from work. The inquiry is qualitative has the bibliographical and documentary nature. Initially, we sought the theoretical framework about the work and mental health universe. Subsequently, the law was approached through the laws, organs and Legal professionals working in this sphere. In the desk phase, there was the multiple cases study with analysis from Judgments of the Labour Superior Court site, judged in 2013 from the word "depression".. The social relevance of the study is due to the frequency of cases of mental disorders in workers who associate the working environment for Their psychological problems, Which can be verified by data from Social Security, it is important to proceed with the dissemination of knowledge on the Legal protection que These workers have access. Also, it is Believed que inquiry can Provide awareness on the subject, yet lacking in concern for Enterprise and stigma object by society. From the above, it shouldnt be Noted que the theoretical contribution used converges in The Possibility of having close relationship between work and mental health, Which Occurs from Long Ago, lasting to the present times. The analysis of Decisions in turn, expresso interesting results, heating up the debate with Considerable presence of banking and call center operators the authors in labor claims, in addition to verification demands with Favorable results to workers due to the recognition of the causal link between work and developed mental illness.
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