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Título: (Re)reconstruindo laços e projetos: mulheres usuárias de crack, relações familiares e vulnerabilidades
Autor(es): Cavalcanti, Vanessa Ribeiro Simon
Moreira, Lúcia Vaz de Campos
Petrini, Giancarlo
Gomes, Carlos Alberto Costa
Palavras-chave: Mulheres
Crack cocaine
Data do documento: 29-Jul-2013
Editor: Universidade Catolica de Salvador
Resumo: Inserted in the research line “Family and Society”, this work is about the use of crack cocaine by women nowadays. The geographic-historical delimitation is divided by the year of 2013 with people that live in the Metropolitan Region of Salvador, Bahia. Through the qualitative approach based on depth interviews, it is known that the vulnerabilities are exacerbated by this element and interfere significantly in family and social relationships, focusing directly on intergenerational relationships and life projects. Mothers-daughters, who, under the influence of drugs, are no longer able to be caregivers and maintainers; sons and daughters who do not know fathers / mothers and almost not live with their progenitor; grandmothers that arrogate the activities of caring, providing and protecting their grandchildren. Moreover, take on the responsibilities of those users, if not expel from home on despair of having their goods dilapidated and physical integrity in danger. Still, because of the crack cocaine, these women undergo selling the body that, in the crack cocaine experience, has a unique characteristic, and commit some crimes, such as shoplifting and abortions. Therefore, this master’s dissertation has as a purpose the analyze of the relevant family relationships and their vulnerabilities. It was prepared by means of historiographical revision and field research in two Dependency Drug Treatment centers, in the metropolitan region of Salvador, and participated in the interviews: professionals working with addicts and crack cocaine users, from the middle and the upper classes. As research instruments were used two types of questionnaires, one for the professionals and one for the crack cocaine users, specifically built for this job, with scope to analyze the pharmacology of crack cocaine and its manifestation in the woman body, the stigmas and violence suffered, family relationships and public policies developed for this unique group. The main results show that these women are more likely to contract the sexually transmitted diseases (STDs / AIDS), to have an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy, to suffer physical and moral violence, to practice some crimes, to have their bodies turned into trading currency, to the impossibility of creating linkages labor, to the rupture of family ties.
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