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Título: A família na inclusão das pessoas com deficiência
Autor(es): Santos, Edilton Meireles de Oliveira
Pamplona Filho, Rodolfo Mário Veiga
Barbosa, Camilo de Lelis Colani
Palavras-chave: Família
Pessoa com deficiência
Inclusão social e profissional
Direito ao trabalho
People with disabilities
Social inclusion and professional
Right to work
Data do documento: 30-Jul-2014
Editor: Universidade Católica do Salvador
Resumo: This paper discusses the participation of the family in the process of inclusion of people with disabilities. Shows the trajectory of the disabled always permeated with prejudice and discrimination even within their own family. We clarify that disability and disability are not necessarily synonymous and almost always a disabled person is able to perform their activities and perform their work in search of survival. The social inclusion of people with disabilities is accompanied by a number of relevant issues raised in this paper that must be faced by households, by state and by society at large. Defends itself an effective participation of the family in order to accept the disabled person with their limitations and direct them towards overcoming numerous obstacles imposed by the disability either through own actions or seeking support for various entities such as, for example, APAE and the include project. People with disabilities need to be involved in the labor market to have their dignity respected, once the work is extremely relevant in people's lives to survive, perform their activities in a dignified and completely and feel good and confident before the world which we live. The issue of accessibility is intrinsically linked to the theme since it becomes essential to remove barriers to accessibility in various areas, including in the work and home environment. We also highlight the important role played by the ministry of labor in overseeing the hiring of disabled persons by companies and agencies.
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