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Título: Filho do coração: o processo de adoção de crianças na perspectiva paterna
Autor(es): Moreira, Lúcia Vaz de Campos
Piccinini, Cesar Augusto
Petrini, Giancarlo
Palavras-chave: Paternidade
Envolvimento paterno
Father involvement
Data do documento: 18-Dez-2014
Editor: Universidade Catolica de Salvador
Resumo: This master's study aims to understand the child adoption process in the parental perspective. To achieve this scope, it was decided to develop a descriptive qualitative research. Five adoptive parents participated in the investigation, from avaraged-class, living in Salvador (Bahia), and they were accessed in two adoption support groups. Taped interview with each of them separately was made, therefore a script with open questions was built. Data were analyzed descriptively. All participants signed a consent form and the study was approved by UNEB Research Ethics Committee. The main results it was found that the reasons for adoption were varied: the father had a vasectomy at first marriage, after the coming of biological children, and have married again and want to have a child with the new wife; the father being adopted son and want to give back what had received from parents who welcomed; also appeared to adoption as a way of life, even the couple having biological children together; another issue was the fact that biological child with genetically transmitted disease; there was also the option for adoption instead of artificial insemination due to the difficulty in achieving pregnancy, which was motivated by religious issues. It was evident the importance of the decision process is the couple together so that family relationships elapse of more positive and favoring human development form. The criteria for choosing the adopted son also were many: look like the adoptive parents; be a girl or a couple; be baby; be healthy. In the first adoption, the couple want, somehow, find a foster child with characteristics similar to those that have a supposed biological child, in the second there is already greater openness. The legal procedures are considered positive with respect to the interdisciplinary team of action, but no complaints regarding the delay of issuance of the birth certificate with the name of the adoptive family, which affects access to formal education and medical care, as well cause constraints. Parents equate to biological and adopted son were quite involved with their children. We conclude that parents intensely experienced the whole process of adoption of their heart children.
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