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Título: Vínculo familiar contemporâneo: ressonâncias no processo de socialização
Autor(es): Rabinovich, Elaine Pedreira
Milani, Feizi Masrour
Petrini, Giancarlo
Palavras-chave: Vínculos familiares
Sociedade contemporânea
Family ties
Contemporary society
Data do documento: 11-Nov-2013
Editor: Universidade Católica do Salvador
Resumo: INTRODUCTION: The present study aimed to investigate how the internal dynamics of the contemporary family group has been developing on its network link and interaction, seeking to understand its resonances in the children’s process of socialization. This is a qualitative research that started with a specific focus of Social Psychology: CSRO (Conceptual Schema Reference and Operation) created and developed by Pichon-Rivière. METHODOLOGY: Semi-structured interviews were carried out on an individual basis, with three couples of middle class/upper middle class in Salvador with higher education, and children in 05-10 years. Then, the Operational Group formed with three women/spouses of interviewed couples and two other women whose spouses could not be interviewed. RESULTS: The results obtained were presented through five theme axes: Women X Work; Individualization X Belonging/Cooperation; Crisis X Change/Overcoming; Verticality X Horizontality; New technologies X New bonds X New models of learning. Such axes might reveal that the function of socialization and education in the family is being hampered every day, as well as the parental function that sustains it, due to new and adverse conditions emerging from social, cultural and technological processes nowadays. Those processes, due to the degree of acceleration they occur, generate instability and insecurity in the family and therefore in their ties. CONCLUSION: In this context and in relation to the functions already mentioned, the mother/woman has a more participatory role with their children and in the support of family bonds. Aspects revealed are inconclusive and deserve a more profound study, due to their level of complexity.
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