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Título: A territorialidade e a dimensão participativa na ciberdemocracia: o caso do Fórum Social Mundial
Autor(es): Flexor, Maria Helena Matue Ochi
Schweizer, Peter José
Silva, Sylvio Carlos Bandeira de Mello e
Palavras-chave: Territorialidade
Fórum Social Mundial.
World Social Forum
Data do documento: 28-Abr-2010
Editor: Universidade Catolica de Salvador
Resumo: The purpose of this dissertation is to discuss the relationship with the territorial dimension of participatory democracy in the context of digital society, from ideas and thoughts that involve two conceptual dimensions: technological and digital planning. For this, he parted from the premise that democratic participation has always been directly linked to territorial perspective and that it takes for it to happen whenever there is a reference territory. In the contemporary moment, when many paradigms begin to be replaced and most of the links to be through virtual environments of cyberspace, it is possible to think that traditional concepts need to begin to be adapted. Based on this perspective, is that it proposes the concept of ciberterritório, as being the product of relations obtained from the hybridity of the physical spaces and virtual interface with digital technologies, which, while fostering an architecture of participation, not seen at any other stage history, may be allowing the extension of democratic participation, enhancing spaces of citizenship and increasing the possibility of political articulation through cyberspace. This process is conceptualized here as cyberdemocracy. The methodological approach was implemented from the case study of the World Social Forum (WSF), through semi-structured interviews with participants of the WSF 2009 in Belem, Para, theme of the WSF 2010, in Salvador, Bahia, and professionals in various field of knowledge, with the intention to verify not only the participants' perception of the movement, but also other members of society, about the contemporary democratic context, mediated by digital information technologies.
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