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Título: Falas de que família(s)? Análise dos discursos da constituinte de 1987/88 sobre direitos e relações familiares
Autor(es): Santos, Edilton Meireles de Oliveira
Gaiarsa, Maria Amélia Chagas
Gaiarsa, Maria Amélia Chagas
Silva, Salete Maria da
Portanova, Rui
Wrigth, Sonia Jay
Rodrigues, Alexnaldo Teixeira
Palavras-chave: Família
Constituinte – Análise do discurso
Data do documento: 23-Set-2016
Editor: Universidade Catolica de Salvador
Resumo: Structured especially from the Analysis of the French Discourse through the theoretical contributions of the philosopher Michel Pêcheux (France, 1960/XX century) and linguist Eni Orlandi (its main theoretical exponent in Brazil), this thesis takes for the construction of its analytical instrument, the collection of the National Constituent Assembly of 1987/88, of whose propositions and debates on the subject of family was organized the corpus. Made possible by a highly qualitative approach based on AD (acronym that identifies the Discourse Analysis as pechêuxtiana or French origin), the research also receives critical contributions – of legal and feminist fields, for example - from which the theoretical instrument enabled the perception of the main ideologies through the words and silences of those parliamentary individuals about family in the drafting of the 1988 Constitution process. The effects of meanings, interests, struggles, negotiations and other constituent elements of this process (interweaving of history with ideologies from the production conditions) were analyzed aiming to answer three main questions: 1. Did the provisions of the 1988 Federal Constitution on family attended in that unique historical moment, the real aspirations of Brazilian society about their rights and family relationships? 2. Such content in the light of proposals and debates by constituents was it the best legislative product on family that 1987-88 ANC could have offered the nation in that re-democratizing situation? 3. When the constituents disconnected family and marriage of caput in art. 226 of 1988 CF, were they aware of consequent openings and inclusively interpretation that would enable discursively, through
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