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Título: O direito à identidade genética em conflito com o anonimato do doador de sêmen: aspectos bioéticos e jurídicos
Autor(es): Barbosa, Camilo de Lelis Colani
Pires, Fernanda Ivo
Pavia, Ana Maria Seixas Pamponet
Palavras-chave: Reprodução assistida heteróloga
Contrato de doação de sêmen – Anonimato
Direito à identidade genética
Direitos de personalidade
Dignidade da pessoa humana
Assisted reproduction heterologous
Contract semen donation
Right to genetic identity
Personality rights
Dignity of human person
Data do documento: 30-Jun-2016
Editor: Universidade Catolica de Salvador
Resumo: This paper discusses the conflict between the anonymity of the sperm donor and the right to genetic identity in heterologous reproductive assisted technology. Deals with the search for the dream of infertile couples to have children, requiring sometimes the use of genetic material foreign to them. The principles of Bioethics and Biolaw discussing that pervade the advances in Biotechnology, in order to preserve humanity dignity. In Brazil, defends anonymity of semen donor, given that there is no specific legislation, only resolutions of the Federal Council of Medicine, generating ethical and legal considerations. There is a discrepancy between the semen donor contract, which must necessarily be free, and semen reception agreement, which is expensive and profitable for the assisted human reproduction clinics, as providing medical services by using genetic material obtained for free. Also, do not confuse the right to genetic identity with the right to paternity recognition. The principle of affectivity guides the Family Law, not being the biological father, in fact, the emotional individual's father. The right to genetic ancestry is linked to the personality rights of the human being, whose existence should be worthy, is the physical aspect or emotional / mental. It is clear, then, that there is a lack of legislation to ensure the right genetic identity, which would focus not on affective bonds, food and / or succession to the semen donor.
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