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Título: De casa para a rua e da rua para casa: implicações e interações família e trabalho
Autor(es): Souza, Cinthia Barreto Santos
Moreira, Lúcia Vaz de Campos
Alcântara, Miriã Alves Ramos de
Reis, Lilian Perdigão Caixêta
Palavras-chave: Família
Data do documento: 23-Fev-2012
Editor: Universidade Catolica de Salvador
Resumo: This research titled “From Home to the Street and from the Street to Home: Family and Work Implications and Interactions has as aim to identify how couples with little children organize themselves to conciliate family, marriage life, care with the sons and professional fulfillment. It is characterized for being a quantitative study that has 30 (thirty) fathers and 30 (thirty) mothers as participants of the research. It was developed in Santo Antonio de Jesus, an interior city of Bahia with parents from a private school. The method consisted of a questionnaire adapted from the schedule of the FAMWORK Project. It is focused family and work interactions and conciliations from the following segments: family and work: profession, fulfillment, satisfaction, organization and influence; division of duties: conflicts and negotiations to conciliate families and professionals contests; family life: married couple relationships, parents and sons; conciliations: oriented strategies to a common life and a personal life. It has already approved by Ethics Committee of Research. There was a selection by raffle of 20% (twenty percent) of registered students of Kindergarten of the mentioned school. The students` parents answered the questionnaire together with the term of free and clarified agreement. The data were analyzed by the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS). The open questions were elaborated by categories from the given answers. The results were: couples with an eight-hour workday, to live together establishing marriages, relatives and professional relationships and recognizing individual interests while they develop strategies of conciliation between work and family. The participants recognize the implications and interactions between the two spheres: family and work and the centralization of both for the personal life. In this sense, fathers and mothers look for to divide the family duties with the help of relatives and external support (babysitter, school/institution of kindergarten) as principal strategies of conciliation. They arranged to take turns looking for to reduce the eight-hour workday, they plan and organize schedule, agenda and duties distributing the obligations. In conclusion, there is a real effort of both, the couples and professionals to conciliate family and work. It was observed that they are dividing the duties but the majority of the obligations in relation to the care with the sons, the mothers are responsible for them. The families are looking for help from relatives and institutions and they invest in a babysitter as a helper of their families. This verifies the necessity of other studies to become deep and extend the results obtained in this work.
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