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Título: Vulnerabilidade de pessoas vivendo com HIV/AIDS: dificuldades e estratégias para o seu enfrentamento
Autor(es): Perreault, Michel
Carvalho, Inaiá Maria Moreira de
Pitta, Ana Maria Fernandes
Ávila, Heleni Duarte Dantas de
Data do documento: 7-Mar-2016
Editor: Universidade Catolica de Salvador
Resumo: This study has the objective to describe the vulnerability of HIV/AIDS patients and their coping strategies, from the discussion and reflection on the difficulties experienced by this patient within its social context. The epidemic of HIV/AIDS affects more and more populations which are economically and socially vulnerable, who are not faced only with issues related to the disease, but social exclusion and poverty. Thus it is necessary to consider the epidemic changes in its historical context, the difficulties experienced by patients with HIV/AIDS, and especially the meanings built to face this reality. Fighting AIDS implies combat all forms of inequality, prejudice and discrimination, since people living with HIV/AIDS suffer constantly rights violations, which leaves them in a state of more vulnerability. A case study was conducted using direct observation, data collection and semi-structured interview. Brought an analysis of the historical construction of the disease, the discussion of the concept of vulnerability, as an important element for understanding and combating the epidemic, from the expansion around the social dimension, in order to contribute to reducing the impact of HIV/AIDS in their lives and consolidation of law. Thus, the care of these people can not be limited only to drug distribution as a major theme of HIV/AIDS policy, as it needs also covering the general conditions of this vulnerable person, through an extensive and cross-sectorial acting public policy that favors the strengthening of the person with HIV / AIDS.
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