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Título: Emancipação sustentável ou obsolescência das catadoras no Programa Lixo Zero?
Autor(es): Silva, Antônio Carlos da
Silva, Julie Sarah Lourau Alves da
Guimarães, Flávio Romero
Palavras-chave: Lixo zero
Acesso à justiça
Direitos Humanos
Emancipação sustentável
Zero waste
Female waste pickers
Access to justice
Human Rights
Sustainable emancipation
Data do documento: 24-Mar-2020
Editor: Universidade Católica do Salvador
Resumo: Built in accordance with the research line “State, Development and Social Inequalities" of the Graduate Program in Social Policies and Citizenship at the Catholic University of Salvador (PPGPSC / UCSAL), this dissertation is a contribution to the criticism of a society that seeks to achieve the Zero Waste goal. The general objective is to analyze the contradictions of the Zero Waste movement in promoting the right to the citizenship of female waste pickers; and as specific objectives to demonstrate the idiosyncrasies of Brazilian environmental legislation in relation to binomial development/growth. The methodology, in addition to a suitable bibliographic review, will be based on the normative debate and, supported by the Theory of Value, assist in the process of understanding the inclusion (even if relative) of the female collectors in the social capital production system and, therefore, their non-recognition as modern subjects of Law. In this context, with a qualitative nature, through semi-structured interviews, the intention is to manifest the voices of these subjects, their purposes and what are the power relations in force in the Zero Waste program. The research has an interdisciplinary perspective, which involves socioenvironmental aspects based on the Social Sciences and Humanities - all under the aegis of the tripod education, citizenship and human rights. In this way, it proposes the creation of a truly inclusive and effective law that, in this investigation, will have as a frame the photographic exhibition “Female Wealth Pickers: (in)visible heroines”, a device of / for raising awareness and environmental education of society through art. The dissertation was submitted to the Ethics Committee (CEP / UCSAL), under number CAAE 15227319.5.0000.5628 (2019) and consists of an interview script (applied / selected) for the representative investigation.
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