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Título: Estratégias de enfrentamento da família de uma criança com diagnóstico de hipospádia: relato de caso
Título(s) alternativo(s): Strategies for facing the family of a child with hypospadia diagnosis: case report
Autor(es): Freitas, Juliana Viana
Brito, Eliana Sales
Palavras-chave: Hipospádia
Data do documento: Jun-2020
Editor: Universidade Católica do Salvador
Resumo: Introduction: Hypospadias is the most frequent congenital malformation of the male external genitalia, characterized by the abnormal opening of the urethral meatus location, with the news of this deformith, a rupture in the idealization of motherhood can occur,generating conflicting feelings in the mother. Objective: To know the coping strategies developed by the family of a child diagnosed with hypospadias. Methodological Strategy: Descriptive study with a qualitative approach to the type of case report of a the case report. The data were collected using a form with sociodemographic questions to identify the child and the informants through a semi-structured interview, with parents and paternal grandparents, the method of analysis was from the perspective of minayo, the project was accepted by CAAE 15345619.2.0000.5628. Results: Participants were between 31 and 65 years old, all with marital status declared married. As for the interviewees' occupation, parents declared themselves formal workers and grandparents retired. Regarding the child's health conditions, the interviewees reported a malformation discovered at birth, after analysi three categories emerged: moment of diagnosis, coping modes and future expectations Final considerations: In this study they intend to contribute to the expansion of knowledge about the family experience resulting in the discovery of an unexpected malformation in the child.
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