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Título: A construção do sujeito de direito LGBT+ no Brasil contemporâneo
Autor(es): Carvalho, Rosival Oliveira de
Coutinho, Carlos Alberto José Barbosa
Palavras-chave: Direitos Humanos
Direitos Sexuais
Human Rights
Sexual Rights
Data do documento: 15-Jun-2020
Editor: Universidade Católica do Salvador
Resumo: This article aims to analyze the construction of the LGBTQ + subjects of rights in contemporary Brazil, their legitimation, the path taken by them and the advances and embargoes they have been facing. There is also a need to discuss the way in which the State perceives and manages the demands of this minority population, whose legal protections are still deficient and the vested rights are vulnerable for they're based exclusively on CNJ ordinances and Federal Supreme Court Decisions that consolidate a precedent that may change according to an eventual new set of Judges in the not too distant future. In such a diverse and contradictory country, where the daily violence to which many people are subjected just for being and expressing themselves the way they are is, in most cases, fatal, it is more than imperative to consolidate laws and public policies to support these subjects and guarantee their dignity, alterity and freedom to be what they are. It is necessary to create a strict regulation that addresses and monitors the topic. This research was constituted by a wide bibliographic and documental analysis, going through books, articles, laws, projects and statutes that are being or have already been processed in the National Congress.
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