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Título: Ética, família, afeto e direito: o cuidado como requisito para herdar e os casos de multiparentalidade.
Autor(es): Barbosa, Camilo de Lelis Colani
Cavalcanti, Vanessa Ribeiro Simon
Pamplona Filho, Rodolfo Mário Veiga
Palavras-chave: Epistemologia
Direito de família
Parentesco socioafetivo
Direito das sucessões
Requisito sucessório
Relação de cuidado
Family right
Socio-affective kinship
Succession requirement
Care ratio
Data do documento: 10-Ago-2017
Editor: Universidade Católica do Salvador
Resumo: Glimpsing the transformations in the family interactions and the wide influence of affectivity currently in the Law System, this work analyzes the rules of succession law and proposes, in an attempt to bring the affectivity to this branch of Right, the possibility that the care relationship between the heir and the author of the inheritance be considered in the assessment of the legitimacy to succeed, Even more so in cases of multiparentality. Care would be imposed as a burden to be fulfilled to be legitimated to inherit. This proposal fits the general objective of this work, which is to introduce, applying the interdisciplinary, the conception, interpretation and operation of the Law beyond the dogmatic-legalist bias. The imposition of care as a requirement to succeed is a way to avoid that the succession is motivated exclusively by the claim of property, being this assertion, to consider care as an inheritance requirement, the specific objective of this dissertation. For that, we used exploratory and qualitative research, with bibliographic review and documentary analysis, as well as the interpretation and intersection of knowledge and information obtained in theoretical references of Sociology and Right. This study is important because it aims to provide a new vision about succession norms, wishing to open the field to other discussions that may promote the deepening of the ideas brought here.
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