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Título: Análise da gestão dos resíduos sólidos urbanos no Município de Salvador e os desafios ao cumprimento da lei federal nº 12.305/ 2010
Autor(es): Alva, Juan Carlos Rossi
Portella, André Alves
Carvalho, Silvana Sá de
Silva, Tagore Trajano de Almeida
Silva, Aida Cristina do Nascimento
Palavras-chave: Gestão municipal
Resíduos sólidos urbanos
Legislação ambiental
Municipal management
Urban solid waste
Environmental legislation
Data do documento: 27-Fev-2018
Editor: Universidade Católica do Salvador
Resumo: This thesis aims to critically analyze public policies for the effective management of Urban Solid Waste in the Municipality of Salvador, in compliance with the provisions of Law No. 12,305 / 10 - PNRS. In this law, its articles say as priorities the efficiency and effectiveness of public policies in the municipality, among them, it is worth highlighting the preparation of the Municipal Plan for Integrated Management of Solid Waste, as a requirement to prove its adequacy to the aforementioned law. It also recommends the following parameters as targets: dump extinction and sanitary landfills in the municipal territories, following the criteria for the implementation of selective collection programs, socio-environmental responsibility, reverse logistics and environmental education; encouraging the participation of civil society through programs to encourage citizen participation in the processes of screening of solid residues; creation of associations and cooperatives of collectors as a way of insertion of the unemployed in the production chain; promotion of programs for directing waste to the reuse and recycling chains. As well as, to diagnose possible difficulties faced by the public management to make the municipal territory adequate in the form of PNRS and to bring as a proposal of feasibility of this adequacy, the creation of a solid waste management model as an alternative solution for this purpose. Although there is a State Solid Waste Policy (PERS) governed by Law 12.932 / 14 in the state of Bahia, which imposes obligations and responsibilities at the state level in relation to PNRS, similar to that already provided for in federal law 12,305 / 10, that, when the municipality complies with this federal law, it will also be conforming to the dictates of state law. Thus, the research focused only on federal legislation applied to the municipality of Salvador, bringing as a result the existence of a scenario of neglect of the subject, abandonment of responsibilities by public and private managers, and the difficulty of law enforcement nº 12,305 / 2010 by the supervisory bodies, which made clear, among other things, the omission and lack of punishment of public administrations.
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