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Título: Os efeitos da não obrigatoriedade da contribuição sindical nos sindicatos profissionais
Autor(es): Nascimento, Anne Feitosa do
Gurgel, Marcos Oliveira
Costa Júnior, Vander Luiz Pereira
Palavras-chave: Reforma trabalhista
Contribuição sindical
Labor reform
Syndicate contribution
Data do documento: 18-Jun-2021
Editor: Universidade Católica do Salvador
Resumo: The Law 13.467 / 2017 known as labor reform caused significant changes in Brazilian labor law, especially with regard to collective law and syndicate, one of the main changes was the change in the legal nature of syndicate contributions, the most important source of income for syndicate. If, on the one hand, it may be observed that it may have been a decision that is in line with the principle of free association provided for in the Federal Constitution, for example, on the other, it is undeniable that this change was also of significant impact on the coffers of the syndicate that need adapt to this new reality. Regarding the technical point of view, the bibliographic research method will be used, the one elaborated by means of materials already published, such as books, articles, periodicals, in addition to the internet, through which one can also find texts in the same categories as those already mentioned among others, that obviously deal with the issue in question, which is labor law, more specifically, labor reform and changes that concern union tax. Treating from the point of view of approaching the problem, a qualitative research will be carried out, as it will seek to understand and evaluate the aforementioned research object, starting from the interpretation of the native legislation and doctrines who have spoken about the topic.
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