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Título: A família como base da sociedade: uma premissa necessária
Autor(es): Barbosa, Camilo de Lelis Colani
Amado Neto , Jorge
Lorenzo , Deivid Carvalho
Palavras-chave: Família - história
Família - sociedade
Parentalidade socioafetiva
Data do documento: 26-Mar-2021
Editor: Universidade Católica do Salvador
Resumo: The present paper was developed from documentary research about the formation of the concept of family through history, with its inevitable idiosyncrasies and dynamics, sometimes dysfunctional. The search for the paths of the historical development of families, from antiquity to the present day, going through ancient societies such as the ancient Hebrew society, the Babylonians, the Roman Empire, in addition to others, is a fundamental tool to understand why the institution of the family deserves attention and protection, not only by society, but by the State as well. Still on that path, but with a different bias, investigated whether the possibility of a society (organized as such) without the presence of families, as some totalitarian governments seek, it is possible or if this situation is restricted to the field of fiction. Are all human beings connected to an intangible condition that directs them to start a family, or can they live in isolation and without any type of link or affective bond greater than themselves? In the search for understanding the phenomenon, the multiparentality institute it was briefly analyzed as yet another way in which contemporary families are formed, establish themselves and are recognized. Taking into account the historical character of the paper, the Lebesborn event, which occurred earlier and during the second world war, was analyzed.
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