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Título: Fatores de risco que contribuem para ocorrência de pneumonia em pacientes com COVID-19
Autor(es): Vidal, Daniela Barbosa Neiva
Mendes, Fernanda Cardeal
Palavras-chave: Fatores de risco
Pneumonia viral
Risk factors
Viral pneumonia
Data do documento: 17-Dez-2021
Editor: Universidade Católica do Salvador
Resumo: Introduction: In December 2019 in China, a new epidemic begins with a new virus of SARS- CoV-2, a new strain of the coronavirus family, covid-19, which is responsible for the worldwide pandemic, may favor serious conditions, such as pneumonia, due to the complication of the disease. Objective: To identify in the literature the risk factors that contribute to the occurrence of pneumonia in patients with covid-19. Methodology: The method used to carry out this study was an integrative literature review, from 2019 to 2021. It consists of a search, by consulting the Virtual Health Library (VHL) and Health Science Descriptors databases (DECS) and combinations performed with Boolean operators, “risk factors” AND “viral pneumonia” AND “covid-19” AND “comorbidities”. Inclusion criteria, original articles, in English, Portuguese and Spanish, in Medline database. Exclusion criteria, incomplete articles, review articles, duplicates, which did not address the study topic. Results and Discussion: 20 articles responded to the study topic, most of which considered age, sex and comorbidities as relevant as the main factors for worsening and pulmonary impairment, which can lead to a serious outcome and mortality. Final considerations: This study may be relevant for the systematization of nursing care. Based on the analyzed results, we can consider that young adults over 65 years of age, predominantly male, with pre-existing comorbidities are more likely to acquire pneumonia, which can lead to the severe form of covid-19.
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