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Título: Os fatores que contribuem para o desmame precoce
Autor(es): Mendes, Fernanda Cardeal
Mendes, Fernanda Cardeal
Palavras-chave: Assistência de enfermagem
Aleitamento materno
Desmame precoce
NeonatoNursing care
Early weaning
Data do documento: 9-Dez-2021
Editor: Universidade Católica do Salvador
Resumo: Introduction: the absence of breastfeeding or its early interruption (before 6 months) and the introduction of other foods in the child's diet during this period are frequent, with important consequences for the baby's health, such as exposure to infectious agents, contact with foreign proteins, impaired digestion and assimilation of nutritional elements, among others. Objectives: the objective was to identify the factors that contribute to early weaning. Methodology: this was an integrative literature review. Articles on the topic that were published in Portuguese and English during the period from 2016 to 2021, which were made available online and free of charge, were included. Results: The main weaning factors: working outside the home, beliefs and taboos about breast milk, cracked nipples, low income and low education of the mother, age of the mother, and babies who were born with health problems and needed hospitalization in NICUs. Final considerations: early weaning is socio-culturally constituted and for a woman to maintain exclusive breastfeeding, she needs support from her family, health professionals, society and also the government.
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