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Título: Análise dos Índices de hipertensão arterial em adultos jovens no Estado da Bahia
Autor(es): Martins, Maísa Mônica Flores
Guimarães, Helena Marilia Ferreira Costa
Jesus, Ivia Mayana Oliveira de
Palavras-chave: Hipertensão arterial
Fatores de risco
Risk factors
Data do documento: 9-Dez-2021
Editor: Universidade Católica do Salvador
Resumo: Introduction: Systemic Arterial Hypertension is largely responsible for the development of cardiovascular diseases such as Ischemic Heart Disease, Stroke and Heart Failure. Currently there is a large increase in young adults in the country, this is being analyzed and these are factors that have been worrying the health sector and government authorities. Objective: To describe the rate of hospital admissions due to arterial hypertension in the population of young adults in the state of Bahia. Methodology: This is an epidemiological study of an ecological type, with a quantitative approach and descriptive character, based on secondary data. For this analysis, variables were used, such as Color/Race, Gender, Population quantity in each macro- region of Bahia and number of hospitalized patients. Results: Preliminary data was analyzed with respect to the main characteristic between Race/color, the incidence of admission of young people in the macro-regions of the state of Bahia, responding to the general objective. It was possible to see a high rate of young people, especially women hospitalized with this disease. Also the results obtained in relation to race, where people considered brown have the highest rate of hospitalization, with an exponential increase between the years 2014 to 2020. Final considerations: The work in question aimed at a study in order to contribute with a case analysis on the admissions of young patients for hypertension in Bahia, identifying the main variables. It was possible to notice that arterial hypertension has a high prevalence in women, it is necessary to obtain further investigations that can understand why women are more affected, and thus standardize the techniques in order to alleviate this index.
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