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Título: Consumo infantil: o que dizem as famílias? um estudo de casos múltiplos com quatro famílias de Salvador/ Ba
Autor(es): Moreira, Lúcia Vaz de Campos
Borges, João José de Santana
Fornasier, Rafael Cerqueira
Palavras-chave: Consumo infantil
Pai e Mãe
Kinder’s Consumption
Father and Mother
Data do documento: 28-Fev-2018
Editor: Universidade Catolica de Salvador
Resumo: The anticipated construction of costumers in childhood is a contemporary phenomenon that seems do be associated to questions that involves the introduction of a child into social groups and to their exposition face to a multmedia ambience. But, in dispite of this aspect, there is a parents’s participation face the consumption’s references construction of the family. This master degree dissertation puts the target in discover how Middle Classe parents and their children of Salvador, Bahia recognize and treat the child consumption. The especific goals were: (1) Try to discover how fathers and mothers evaluate the consumption in contemporary society; (2) Identify wich are the guidances given by parents for their children about the consumption; (3) Analyse which are the factors that influence the childern behavior of puchase, from the point of view of parents and children’s investigated families. For this case, it was made a study of twelve multiplus cases with four children and their parents. In the enterview time, the children were nine or eight years old; they were kindergarten students of a private school for Middle Class population of Salvador/Bahia and they lives with their mothers and fathers. The main results sinalize these following information about the conception and the rotine of the enterviewee families about the consumption of children: fathers and mothers are between 40 and 44 years old and all of them are economically active and responsible for the maintenance of their families, without any other kind of suport. The majority oh the parents has extended journey of work, reconciling more than one activity, but they claim to give more atenttion to their childern and husbands or wives in their free time. All of the enterviewee people demonstrate be worried about the contemporary society consumption’s ways and ensure do money’s spent control. Additionally, they say that they offer guidances for their children about spend money ways.BThe maternal grandmothers of three enterviewee families are described as people that give more gifts to their grandsons and granddaughters than their own parents. One of them is responsible for the allowance - this is the only child that recieves this benefit. These grandmothers are qualified by their daughters as exaggerated consumption people, behavior that was considered negative, but they find it dificult to change. This information shows the relevance of the intergenerationality in the family behavior. In despite of they say that it’s important to manage the money well, the parents seems to have dificult to know how their income is distributed monthly. All of the enterviewee children consider “family” more importante than money or consumption. The present and the importance of the theme leave us to sugest the reasearchs continuation for more knowledge about this phenomenon.
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