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Título: Estatuto do desarmamento: O Problema da Eficácia no Estado da Bahia
Autor(es): Viana, Agnaldo Dias
Silva, Thomas Bacellar da
Viana, Agnaldo Dias
Palavras-chave: Desarmamento
Arma de fogo
Data do documento: 24-Jan-2019
Editor: Universidade Catolica de Salvador
Resumo: The present work intends to demonstrate the important theme about the failure of the disarmament statute, knowing the law, its historical characteristics and its goals, exposing opinions of doctrine on the subject and confronting the scope of this law with the data presented in surveys , on violence in the State of Bahia. The purpose of researching and arguing about Law No. 10,826, dated December 22, 2003, is an issue that is being discussed in society, because it is part of the population's interest and is of relevance to the national legal scenario, because there are aspects which need to be widely explored and discussed in order to clarify some doubts about the subject. The method used to perform the work was to bibliographical consultation, articles of legal sites, thus achieving success in the search for the most updated data possible, in order to elucidate the topic addressed. The information obtained demonstrates in an objective way that the disarmament campaigns did not achieve the proposed objective, with no reduction in crime, but with the increase in firearm-related crimes and homicide rates in the state of Bahia. Therefore, the present study demonstrates the complexity between the disarmament campaigns in the country and its current legislation.
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