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Título: A abstrativização do controle difuso de constitucionalidade – atual tendência do STF
Autor(es): Silva, Tagore Trajano de Almeida
Meirelles, Ana Thereza
Silva, Tagore Trajano de Almeida
Palavras-chave: Controle de constitucionalidade
Controle difuso
Teoria da abstrativização
Jurisprudência defensiva
Control of constitutionality
Diffuse control
Theory of abstractivization
Defensive judgment
Data do documento: 25-Jan-2019
Editor: Universidade Catolica de Salvador
Resumo: This article aims to analyze the Theory of Abstractivization in diffuse control, in order to understand if the Federal Supreme Court (STF) adopted this theory in the incidental way. For this, we discussed the proposal of the thesis of abstractivization that supports the alteration of the traditional role of the Federal Senate, in art. 52, X, of the Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil (CRFB) of 1988, in order to assign general efficacy to the decisions, in the diffuse control, of the Supreme, and to have the function of divulging these decisions. The arguments were favorable and contrary to the thesis, and a parallel was drawn between Complaint 4335/AC and Direct Actions of Unconstitutionality (ADIs) 3406 and 3470, whose judgments impacted the jurisprudence of the Supreme Court on the subject of the study. Also the normative instruments that materialized the abstractivization in the legislative scope were verified. The result was that there is a tendency to approximate the effects of the declaration of unconstitutionalities between diffuse and abstract models, but it can not be said that the Supreme adopted this position. To do so, we adopted the methodology of research classified as deductive, the methods of comparative and hermeneutic procedure, as well as bibliographic, legislative and jurisprudential sources.
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