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Título: A responsabilidade do empregador diante do acidente de trabalho
Autor(es): Baptista, Karine da Costa Rocha
Costa Júnior, Vander Luiz Pereira
Palavras-chave: Segurança do trabalho
Teoria subjetiva
Teoria objetiva
Workplace safety
Subjective theory
Objective theory
Data do documento: 30-Jan-2019
Editor: Universidade Católica do Salvador
Resumo: This paper deals with civil liability in Labor Law, specifically in the face of the work accident. Initially, historical aspects of the legislation and concepts that affect the work accident are approached in order to contextualize the theme. Next, it is the importance of the health and safety of the worker so that, the lack of attention to this issue within the company can lead to losses and converge to the civil liability of the employer. The study also addresses the types of civil liability, subjective and objective, seeking to understand which theory should be applied in each case for indemnity purposes. For this, an exploratory research in the literature was obtained by means of virtual and printed, with the aim of learning about the subject. It was observed that there is not yet a total responsibility on the part of the employer for the accidents of work that affect his employee. It is significant to note that it is not only the proof of guilt on the part of the subjective responsibility that induces indemnity, the lack of accident prevention and risk elimination can result in objective civil liability, both act together to support the injured worker.
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