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Título: Perfil antropométrico de pessoas com HAM/TSP: estudo transversal
Autor(es): Fonseca, Erika Pedreira da
Fonseca, Erika Pedreira da
Albuquerque, Carolina Alves Rolim de
Trindade, Geiza Santana Neri
Palavras-chave: HTLV
Estado nutricional
Nutritional status
Data do documento: 10-Dez-2018
Editor: Universidade Católica do Salvador
Resumo: Myelopathy associated with HTLV-1 / tropical spastic paraesthesia HAM / TSP, characterized as a demyelinating, inflammatory and progressive central nervous system (CNS) disease, leading to a gait impairment in the lower limbs, hindering the locomotion of these individuals. This study aims to characterize the anthropometric profile of people with HAM / TSP. Methodology: A cross-sectional study where patients with a probable or defined HAM / TSP diagnosis according to World Health Organization (WHO) standards were treated at a referral unit in the city of Salvador. Sixteen patients of both sexes were evaluated, where they signed the free and informed consent form. A socio-demographic questionnaire and anthropometric data were collected. Results: It was observed that 62.5% of the participants were female and aged between 32 and 64 years, mean age was 53 years, as for marital status, 50% were married. It evidenced the presence of overweight in both sex and of obesity only among women. Presence of risk for metabolic complications was observed in 60% of the women according to the waist circumference and an accumulation of fat in the neck region in both sex, being 50% female and 83.5% in the masculine. Conclusion: Individuals with HAM / TSP were overweight and at risk for the onset of metabolic complications. In view of the results presented here, it opens the door to the emergence of new studies related to the anthropometric parameters, thus collaborating to broaden the knowledge of this health condition.
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