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Título: A percepção de pedagogos/professores do ensino fundamental sobre as influências das configurações familiares no desempenho escolar das crianças
Autor(es): Fornasier, Rafael Cerqueira
Carneiro, Suzana Filizola Brasiliense
Moreira, Lúcia Vaz de Campos
Palavras-chave: Família
Configurações familiares
Desempenho escolar
Family settings
School performance
Data do documento: 29-Mar-2019
Editor: Universidade Católica do Salvador
Resumo: In the context of contemporary society, the relationship between family - school, family - teachers is quite fragile, filled with concepts and prejudices, which makes it even harder. In the school context there is the perception that families do not follow their children’s school life, and the concept of "unstructured family" is emphasized and placed as the main factor of school failure. The school and the family are considered the most important environments in the socialization and development of the human being. Taking this statement as a premise of this study, it was proposed as a general objective to analyze the perception that educators/teachers of elementary school - 1st to 5th grade - have on the influence of family configurations in the school performance of children. This study was conducted in a municipal school in the metropolitan area of Salvador. Twelve educational professionals were included in this study, 10 teachers, one manager and one pedagogical coordinator. Two semi-structured interview scripts were elaborated, one applied to the teachers and another applied to the manager and the coordinator. The study was approved by the Ethics Committee. All participants signed off the Informed Consent Form and were interviewed, according to the script. The interviews were recorded and transcribed later. The data were analyzed using the technique of content analysis, organizing them into categories. The following results were obtained: all women were female, four married, four single, one widow and three divorced, most of them with higher education, with a degree in pedagogy, and all of them were enrolled or had already studied lato sensu postgraduate course, having one of the participants enrolled in the stricto sensu postgraduate course (Master’s degree). The data showed that the teaching and administrative staff of the school has a good education, appropriate to their duties. According to the participants' conception, the family is the basis of everything, the first environment of socialization and development of the individual. The conception of school, according to the data collected, points to a space of reception, a space of socialization and knowledge construction. The partnership between the family and the school is mentioned as an important point for the development of the teaching and learning process. According to the teachers, the participation and involvement of the family in school activities are a fundamental condition for the good school performance of the children. Finally, according to the participants, the new family configurations influence children's school performance, although, as stated by the interviewees, it is not a determining factor. It is concluded that there are still barriers to be overcome in this relationship between family and school, regarding conceptions that are linked to prejudices instituted within the school context, to favor dialogue with the family and their effective participation in their children’s school life.
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