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Título: Desenvolvimento de um sistema IOT voltado à acessibilidade na mobilidade urbana
Autor(es): Wyzykowski, André Brasil Vieira
Wyzykowski, André Brasil Vieira
Reis, Marcelo Indio dos
Pereira, Mario Jorge
Palavras-chave: Internet das coisas
Mobilidade urbana
Aplicativo móvel
Internet of things
Urban mobility
Mobile app
Data do documento: 18-Jun-2019
Editor: Universidade Católica do Salvador
Resumo: In Brazil, until the 2010 year, there were about 11 million people with some visual impairment. However, even with this significant quantity of people, and despite the existence of some urban mobility policies and laws related to accessibility, some aspects of their daily lives still constitute a problem. Among these problems is the lack of accessibility in public transport. Based on the mentioned problem, this work aimed to propose a system composed of an embedded IOT device, together with a web application and an application for mobile devices, all with the purpose of contributing to the improvement in accessibility and urban mobility, more specifically regarding to the public transport modality, consequently contributing to a more autonomous and independent life to people with some impairment. First, a bibliographic review was carried out based on the themes related to the work; then, a Requirements analysis was made for the initial functionalities that the system would have; finally, are described the steps taken in the development of the parts that compose the system, along with some problems encountered, and how these problems were worked out. The developed system, even being a first experimental version, made it possible for a visually impaired person to access estimated distances between their location and a specific vehicle’s location, and in a controlled experiment, enabling the vehicle to be identified by the person. Due to this, with the conclusion of this work, it was planned for future projects, among other characteristics, the addition of functionalities, in order to offer to the user a greater range of information along a bus trip.
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