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Título: Iridescent: Um serious game que visa identificar a possibilidade de adaptação de um teste psicológico tendo como base o DASS-21
Autor(es): Wyzykowski, André Brasil Vieira
Wyzykowski, Andre Brasil Vieira
Reis, Marcelo Indio dos
Melo, Osvaldo Requião
Araujo, Jeane Franco de
Palavras-chave: Serious games
Data do documento: 18-Jun-2019
Editor: Universidade Católica do Salvador
Resumo: Software engineering and the IT arena in general offer solutions to problems in many other areas, ranging from simpler software to management to the most complex systems imaginable. Given that anxiety and depression are problems affecting millions of people around the world and the already mentioned high number of solutions that software engineering can offer, a textit serious game has been developed. textit Serious games are games that are meant to align the audio visual experience with a specific goal that is not tied to textit gameplay. The game described in this work has the objective of verifying if there is a possibility of adapting the psychological test DASS-21 to another platform, opening the doors to new adaptations and studies in the area. To validate our adaptation, two experiments were carried out with a total of 25 participants, allowing data collection and comparison with the form responses. The tests were carried out voluntarily by the participants, being totally in agreement with the norms established by the DASS-21. The experiment consisted of two steps: to play textit Serious games and to respond to the DASS-21 form, after these two steps, the participant would send his answers to the evaluators. The results obtained in this work show that from the point of view of IT, the DASS-21 test has the possibility of being adapted, reaching up to 94
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